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WordPress is a free, open-source website creation stand. On a more technical place, WordPress is a content control system (CMS) written in PHP that operates on the all MySQL database. In non-geek discuss, WordPress is the easiest and the majority of powerful blogging and website builder existing today.

WordPress is an excellent website platform for several different websites. From blogging to e-commerce so that you can business and portfolio websites, WordPress is a versatile CMS. Designed with usability and flexibility under consideration, WordPress is a great resolution for both large and compact websites.

What is WordPress?
Exactly what is a WordPress Website?
A WordPress webpage is any website that functions WordPress as its tutorials (CMS). WordPress powers both the backend of your website (the interface where a user logs within make changes or add new content) as well as frontend (the visible organ of the website that your visitors see to the web).

Here are just one or two examples of the types of websites you may build with WordPress:

Blog – A blog is a special type of website dedicated to sharing thoughts, photos, reviews, series, recipes and so much extra. Blogs usually display a lot of recently-published content first.
E-commerce website – An e-commerce website helps you sell goods or services internet and collect payment via a strong online payment system. You can download and use a WordPress e-commerce plugin to stretch the default functionality of WordPress so you’re able to have an online store against your website.
Business website – Many businesses will profit by having an online presence by using their website. If your business needs a site for customers to learn about your company and what it’s important to offer, WordPress is a great option. Customers can contact you, ask for a quote, schedule an appointment even more.
Membership website – A membership website helps you put content behind a paywall or business relationship login. To access pages and also posts, users must log in or finance the content. WordPress can as well handle membership websites with supplemental plugins.
Portfolio website – Express your artwork, design skills and many more with a portfolio website made on WordPress.
Forum website – A forum website might be a helpful place for users so that you can ask questions or share information. Believe it or not, many forum websites train on WordPress.
Event website – Hosting production? WordPress makes it easy so you might share your event details plus sell tickets.
E-learning website – Students normally takes online courses, track their develop, download resources and much extra from an e-learning website. Which includes a special kind of plugin labelled a WordPress LMS plugin, you may offer online courses from your WordPress website.
Wedding website – Share the small print of your big day which includes a wedding website built on WordPress. With a selection of WordPress wedding themes, you can get a website up easily.
What is a WordPress webpage?
The possibilities are endless in regards to customizing a WordPress website. WordPress topics and plugins can add innovative design options and added usefulness. Check out WordPress. org for nothing themes and plugins.

Is WordPress befitting me?
If you’re wondering why WordPress is this sort of widely used website content control system, here are some of the key benefits of WordPress as a website stand:

Simplicity: WordPress allows you to write and build your website subject material quickly. Even as an amateur, you can easily use WordPress.
The price tag is free – The actual WordPress software on WordPress. org is free so that you can download and use. You are going to, however, need to pay for the web host and a domain name.
Flexibleness: WordPress allows you to create several websites from personal blogs and virtual stores to online magazines and classified ads.
Easy to use – Provided you can use a word processing program like Microsoft Word, you can use WordPress to build and manage a site.
Open-source software – WordPress is open-source software that is licensed under the GNU Majority of folks License (GPL), meaning it isn’t owned using a single company or entity. Many hundreds of developers and users collaborate and develop the software to make them better. The spirit of open-source usually means constant improvements, accountability and free usage for every individual.
No need to know code – WordPress removes the necessity of needing to have learned to code to construct a website. While WordPress utilizes several different coding languages, there’s no want to find out any of them to apply WordPress.
Extendable with WordPress plugins – The core WordPress software is often extended with WordPress plugins. WordPress plugins are bits of software that you may upload to your website to increase more features (such as e-commerce, WEBSITE POSITIONING, backups, contact forms and more). There are thousands of free WordPress plugins on WordPress. org plugin directory including a thriving premium (paid) plugins field.
Highly customizable with WordPress themes – WordPress themes give the design and layout of your web blog. With a click of your button, you can change all the look of your website by employing a new WordPress theme. More advanced WordPress themes are more for instance WordPress page builders, giving you far more control of your layouts.
Webpage security – While no webpage platform is 100% secure, WordPress security is constantly on the improve with a vigilant basic safety team of core developers plus users. Common WordPress security issues are frequently due to user error, as opposed to the software itself.
A thriving community of users and developers – In case you have a WordPress website, you can also face the greater WordPress community through a nearby WordPress Meetup, WordCamps and extra. The WordPress community has a standing of being incredibly welcoming, helpful plus innovative.
A premium plugin and theme industry – While there are loads of free plugins plus themes, most serious WordPress affiliate marketers invest in premium (paid) plugins or themes. Why? Your purchase of the reputable premium plugin or theme helps finance the ongoing development and support of your plugin or theme, including innovative features, security patches and extra.

WordPress Benefits
As a website building stand and CMS, WordPress boasts an outstanding feature set. Here are just some of the many features of WordPress.

SEO – Web optimization (SEO) begins at a specialised level and WordPress delivers an exceptional code base for SEO. SEO allows your website’s content found via common search engines just like Google or Bing. Check out these free WordPress SEO training videos for more information.
Speed – WordPress is a lean website framework that is constantly striving to remove code “bloat” that reduces the loading speed of a site.
Mobile-friendly – Most WordPress themes can be mobile-friendly or responsive out-of-the-box.
Media file library – WordPress provides a built-in media library for you to upload and embed media files just like images or videos into a person’s pages or posts. You might perform basic edits to a person’s images within WordPress.
Easy-to-use user interface – WordPress is very user-friendly and uncomplicated with no complicated settings. Provided you can use a WordPress processor, you can utilize WordPress. WordPress also has a centre on accessibility.
Custom menus – WordPress makes it easy to create navigation menus with links to the pages or custom links.
Built-in blog – Adding a blog to your site is as simple as establishing a post.
New in WordPress 5. 0: A WordPress Block Editor – WordPress 5. 0 introduced the fresh Block Editor, also known as being the Gutenberg WordPress Editor. The new editor transforms profession edit WordPress pages and discussions. Now you can design and arrange your articles with a more flexible “drag plus drop” approach.
About WordPress
WordPress began in 2003 if Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg forked a little-known blogging tool named B2/catalogue. Little and Mullenweg sought to brew a better blogging platform, built to the original B2 code base, but to learn robust features and more dependable development.

The result is WordPress. First a blogging device, WordPress quickly turned out to be an extensive content management procedure (CMS) able to handle several different websites.

WordPress Usage Statistics Round the Web
According to usage research of content management systems at this moment report that WordPress powers through 60 million websites, or 36% of all websites over the internet and over 60% of all websites whose content management models are known.

WordPress usage research
Source: Usage statistics of Subject material Management Systems, W3Techs, 2020
Because WordPress is free and so user-friendly and uncomplicated, it has been widely adopted as being the gold standard for website building firms.

Who uses WordPress?
Rest straightforward, knowing you’re in good company should you use WordPress to publish in the online world. Many famous blogs, news outlet stores, music sites, Fortune 500 companies and celebrities are utilising WordPress, including NBC, CBS, U . S. Today, Time, Disney, Airbnb, Spotify, TechCrunch and perhaps the Pioneer Woman.

If you’re ever concerned about who uses WordPress, head on over to a WordPress site showcase and you’ll be impressed by the sheer numbers of well-known sites and famous people today using WordPress to power its websites.

WordPress. com vs. WordPress. org
If you’re just how to choose WordPress, there are a few significant things to know. First up, you’ll want to find out the difference between WordPress. com vs .. WordPress. org.

The difference between WordPress. com vs. WordPress. org might be a little confusing if you are a novice at using WordPress.

WordPress. com is a hosted version of WordPress, for you to create a WordPress. com account to have a blog or website.
By default, your website’s URL or domain includes the word “WordPress, ” for instance my blog. WordPress. com.
Paid upgrades your website custom domain, Google Analytics integration, more space, the ability to add your special plugins and themes and extra.
WordPress. com is owned by way of Automattic, a company founded by among the list of original WordPress creators, Matt Mullenweg.
WordPress. org is for you to download the WordPress software to install on your server or web hosting akun.
The WordPress software is open-source, making it free to download and apply.
To use WordPress. org release of WordPress, you’ll need to undertake a domain name and web organizing, purchased from another reputable enterprise like Liquidweb.
Most web hosts offer your WordPress “quick install” or done-for-you installations of WordPress to acquire started if you don’t prefer to install WordPress yourself.
WordPress. org is a non-profit foundation of Automattic.
Learn how to start using WordPress?
Now you’re in all probability asking, “how do I get started WordPress? ”

Again, WordPress is free. Yep, that’s right – it’s 100% free. You can get started today which includes a WordPress website in only a couple of steps.

You’ll just need a few things to start with WordPress:

Quality web organizing
A domain name
The WordPress software installed against your website (most web hosts will handle this for yourself. )
If you’d rather use a hosted version of WordPress on WordPress. com, you’ll simply need to brew a WordPress. com account to get moving.

What is a WordPress Plugin?
A WordPress plugin is your package of additional code that you may upload to your website to increase new features, functionality or integrations.

Plugins are often added via the Plugins menu in the WordPress dashboard.
Using the built-in investigation function, you can find a free plugin available on WordPress. org Plugin list.
Plugins can also be packaged as zip files for you to upload through the Plugins menu uploader in the WordPress dashboard.
WordPress plugin
WordPress Plugin Series
Here are two video series on WordPress plugins:

What will be WordPress Plugins? – WordPress plugins are bits of software that is uploaded to extend and expand the functionality within your WordPress site. In this training, we cover the basics of WordPress plugins.
Installing WordPress Plugins – Fitting WordPress plugins on your site is easy. Learn how in this training video.
Must-Have WordPress Plugins for All of WordPress Sites
All WordPress websites will profit from these must-have WordPress plugins.

WordPress backup plugin – WordPress doesn’t have got a built-in backup function, so having a WordPress backup solution in place could save you a ton of headaches for those who lose any data on your web blog. Having a backup plan is likewise crucial to mitigate a basic safety breach or hack. BackupBuddy is an Original WordPress backup plugin so that you can backup, restore or even move your web blog to a new host and also domain.
WordPress security plugin – A WordPress security plugin just like iThemes Security works to mend common security holes and harden your web blog against attacks.
WordPress SEO plugin – Your WordPress SEO plugin like Yoast SEO will assist you to add additional SEO (Search Website Optimization) features and functionality.
WordPress form plugin – Add robust forms to your site such as contact forms, surveys online, upload files, accept donations and many more with a form builder plugin for instance Ninja Forms.
WordPress e-commerce plugin – To be able to sell goods or services against your website through an online save, a WordPress e-commerce plugin just like WooCommerce is a must-have.
Exactly what is a WordPress Theme?
A WordPress theme shows the design “framework” of your webpage. Most WordPress themes provide:

All-around design (the look, feel and style) within your site
Site-wide font styles
Colouring scheme
Styles for blog discussions and blog archives
Page cool layouts (or templates)
Widget locations
Supplemental stylistic details
WordPress theme
Quite a few themes operate like WordPress website builders, allowing you to create your special page layouts without code.

Themes are often added via the Appearance > Themes menu in the WordPress dashboard.
Using the built-in investigation function, you can find a free theme available on WordPress. org
Themes can certainly be packaged as zip files for you to upload through the Appearance > Themes menu uploader in the WordPress dashboard.
WordPress Theme Series
Here are two WordPress motif tutorials:

What is the WordPress Motif? – A WordPress theme provides most of the front end styling of a person’s WordPress site. Most WordPress themes give the overall design or style within your site, font styling, colours, golf widget locations, page layouts (or templates) styles for content and blog archives and supplemental stylistic details.
How to Install a WordPress Theme – Along with the default theme included with a person’s WordPress installation, you can also install your special WordPress theme to change the planning and style of your website.
Free WordPress Tutorials
If you will be a WordPress beginner, there are helpful WordPress tutorials to acquire started and learn WordPress. From ways to access your WordPress login screen to ways to add a WordPress post and also page, these video tutorials cover many of the basics.

Your WordPress Login – Once WordPress is installed on your web server, you may access your WordPress login website from two different URLs.
Exploring the WordPress Dashboard – The WordPress Dashboard helps you control all of the behind-the-scene information on managing your site. Once you stay on course around the dashboard, you’ll realize it’s user-friendly and uncomplicated and navigate.
Using the WordPress Administrative Bar – the WordPress Administrative Bar or toolbar. The WordPress Admin Bar is a shortcut area that helps you access the behind the scenes controls when you’re to the front-end of your WordPress site or website.
Exploring WordPress Settings – WordPress offers quite a several settings for customizing how your web blog functions. In this tutorial, we cover WordPress Settings completely.
WordPress Posts vs Pages – In regards to creating content for your WordPress web-site, you have the option to pick out between creating either a posting or page. Both have their respective uses that will add very dynamic elements to the site.
Creating a WordPress Post – This tutorial covers ways to add your first WordPress posting.
Adding Links in WordPress – A WordPress post and page editor makes it easy to add hyperlinks to other web sites from your content. This tutorial covers ways to add links to your subject material.
Adding Images in WordPress – With a visual element like an image or photo is the very best way to spruce up your post and also page content. Learn how easy it to add images in WordPress.
Making use of the WordPress Media Library – In such a tutorial, we walk through making use of the WordPress Media Library. The WordPress Media Library contains many of the files you’ve uploaded to a person’s WordPress site, with the hottest uploads listed first.
Formatting WordPress Posts – In such a tutorial, we cover some of your basics of formatting your WordPress posts together with the built-in WordPress post editor.
Scheduling WordPress Posts – Scheduling WordPress posts is an alternative way to control when your subject material is published. In this training video, we show you how to implement the built-in WordPress post scheduler to increase a time to publish.
WordPress Categories & Tags – WordPress categories and tags are the right way to add an organizational structure to the WordPress posts. This tutorial covers ways to use categories and tags.
Creating a WordPress Page – Having a WordPress page is a bit like creating a post. Just keep in mind pages are intended for static subject material, while posts are time-based.
Applying a WordPress Page Web theme – Some WordPress themes involve page templates that change exactly how your pages are formatted to the frontend (the visible part within your website). By using page Joomla templates, your WordPress theme can ensure that you get some flexibility for how a person’s pages look and where certain page elements happen to be.
Creating a Custom Menu in WordPress – Confused how to best use menus in the WordPress site? In this shorter video, we share some tips to get your site navigation launched and established in no time.
Managing Comments in WordPress – Comments place in a more interactive discussion element to your site, allowing visitors to comment for posts or pages. This video helps guide you to manage comments on your web blog.
Creating Users in WordPress – Creating users in WordPress helps you add users with different roles and access privileges to the site. Once created, a user will log in to your site with a username and password.
Making Money with WordPress
Innovative industries have sprouted from WordPress. Now, the possibilities of making money with WordPress include running an online store so that you can building websites for clients so that you can WordPress consulting.

Build WordPress websites for clients – When you are a web developer or creator, you can specialize in WordPress web pages. Since WordPress is so user-friendly and uncomplicated, training clients to use their websites is a bonus of specializing in WordPress.
WordPress routine maintenance – Often, WordPress site owners don’t have time them to maintain their websites. WordPress maintenance includes important website tasks just like software updates, backups, security, SEO and many more.
WordPress SEO – WordPress SEO services can be handy to many businesses hoping to obtain more organic search traffic plus outrank their competitors. You can specialise in WordPress SEO by providing website audits, keyword research, content writing and many more.
WordPress consulting – Some businesses need help with how to design, build, raise or improve their website. WordPress consultants know all the workings of WordPress optimization, functionality, gear and features.
Content writing – Learning to use WordPress makes you an appealing candidate to many businesses that want content marketing services.

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