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iPage had been founded in 1998 and hosts on million websites across two data centers in America. Their uptime has been over average at 99. 96% in the last 24 months ipage review, while their page loading times are typically 746ms. iPage’s single shared hosting plan is probably the cheapest we’ve reviewed at $1. 99/mo for 3 years. They also have two WordPress-based plans having a few extra features like SiteLock as well as automatic malware removal.

Default plans include unlimited bandwidth and disk room, a free domain name for that first year, and a free of charge SSL certificate.

We’ve spent the previous few years closely monitoring iPage’s overall performance, and crunching the numbers to supply this unbiased review.

So how can they stack up against other available choices out there? Let’s find away.

Pros of Using iPage Web hosting

iPage is extremely inexpensive when you subscribe to the first three years ipage review. Their uptime is above average and customer care is friendly. Furthermore, they get access to just about every tool or open-source app you could want.

Here’s a complete rundown on all the positive things we liked regarding them:

1. Cheap, Inexpensive Web hosting

iPage has consistently been among the cheapest web hosting we’ve reviewed in the last few years ipage review.

And it seems like once in a while, they find a way in order to discount the starting price even more.

Currently, the iPage starts from $1. 99/month. The value, as you’ll see inside a minute, is good, too. They only have one hosting that is a shared plan, so nothing is ‘held back’ to force you to upgrade.

The only catch is that you’ll have to cover three full years upfront to obtain that $1. 99/month price stage.

Otherwise, the regular (read: “renewal”) price is $7. 99/month.


If you’re only spending money on a single year, the opening pricing is $1. 99/month (with the actual renewal at $9. 99/month). And when you’re paying for two many years, instead of three, it’s $2. 49/month (or $9. 99 renewal).

Whichever term length you select, the price is good enough to put all their initial plans among the greatest value-per-dollar we’ve seen best webhosting ipage review.

2. Plenty of Third-Party Applications

As mentioned, iPage’s ‘core’ providing is solid. Here’s a brief rundown of all you get for that $1. 99/month (times 3 years).

All hosting plans have a free domain registration for the very first year. This saves you ~$15/year quickly at the top.

You’ll also obtain a free email address and SSL certification, too. Each email account is branded for the domain, includes email forwarding, autoresponders, junk e-mail filters, virus checking, and even POP3/IMAP accounts to help you set everything up with Perspective.

This plan comes with limitless disk space, ‘scalable’ bandwidth (meaning mainly unmetered), and unlimited MySQL directories. Not too shabby.

If you’re searching for an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop website contractor, iPage has one that includes six pages and hundreds associated with templates.

iPage has tons of popular open-source apps prepared to install as well. That consists of content management systems and running a blog software like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PixelPost, as well as b2evolution, Gallery2 and ZenPhoto picture galleries, plus Ebook, phpBB, as well as SMF forums.

If you’re searching for full-fledged e-commerce stores, iPage also offers these. AgoraCart, OpenCart, OSCommerce, PrestaShop, Zen Trolley, and TomatoCart are all incorporated. They can even help you with PayPal integration to simply accept money online if you’re the first-time webmaster.

3. 30-Day Money-Back Assure

iPage has a no-questions-asked 30-day reimbursement policy. Simply let them know inside the first month that you’re unhappy and they’ll gladly give your hosting money-back.

Like other hosts, however, domains and additional services are not often refundable.

iPage gives you a totally free domain name for the very first year. So if you request a refund, a $15 fee to cover the price of the domain name will end up being deducted. The good news is that you’ll still own the domain name and may move it or ‘point’ the domain to a different hosting company somewhere else.

4. Decent Loading Time (746ms)

During the last 24 months, iPage’s loading times have been typically 746ms.

That means they have a bit under a second to load a webpage, which is definitely a good register the Internet world

Studies show a correlation between fast page speeds and higher conversions. Lower page speeds have the alternative effect: lower conversion rates as well as revenue ipage review.

Last 12 month typical load time:


5. Strong Uptime associated with 99. 96%

iPage has lots of features to like. However, do not require are really worth anything unless your website is reliably online and available to your visitors.

That’s why among our favorite performance tests would be to track uptime performance. We make use of a long period of 24 several weeks, so we can rule away any one-time problems. Then, we can objectively compare these types of uptime results against other hosting providers to show you exactly how one host is preferable to another — no bias incorporated.

Thankfully, iPage has delivered the 99. 96% uptime average over this time around period. That’s well above business average, and good enough to comfortably put it in the top bracket associated with hosts we’ve reviewed.

There were some months throughout the 24-month tracking period where iPage battled with uptime, and this brought down the typical a bit. Otherwise, that average might have been even higher.

Last 12-month typical uptime ipage review :
January 2020 average uptime: 99. 88%
Dec 2019 average uptime: 99. 87%
The fall of 2019 average uptime: 100%
Oct 2019 average uptime: 99. 97%
Sept 2019 average uptime: 100%
July 2019 average uptime: 99. 96%
This summer 2019 average uptime: 99. 90%
06 2019 average uptime: 99. 90%
Might 2019 average uptime: 99. 95%
04 2019 average uptime: 99. 99%
03 2019 average uptime: 99. 95%
Feb 2019 average uptime: 99. 92%

Another great news is that iPage claims to provide 24/7 uptime monitoring. That means the client support team will immediately be notified if your site goes down.

6. Friendly Customer care ipage review

iPage offers customer support with an online help desk and ticketing program. They offer tutorials if you need to try and fix the issue quickly on your own. Otherwise, they also offer telephone and chat support.

We examined their chat support, logging on within the late afternoon, and Parvathy became a member of instantly.

She was extremely pleasant, but a little slow. It seemed like she required to research answers to a few of the rapid-fire questions we sent more than.

But that is better compared to giving an incomplete or incorrect answer (which we’ve also experienced). So at the conclusion of the day, we still had an optimistic experience.

Cons of Using iPage Web hosting

iPage’s pricing is among the least expensive; they have solid uptime, pace, and pretty good customer assistance.

Unfortunately, some of their other performance statistics don’t fare too. Let’s take a look:

1. Plenty of Extra Fees for Additional Providers

It’s true that iPage’s primary offering is solid. You essentially get unlimited storage and bandwidth, plus the use of dozens of different popular applications.

You also get a free domain for that first year, an SSL certificate, as well as email.

The first additional fee that appears is the renewal rate in the future. A renewal rate of $7. 99/month isn’t terrible – we’ve seen others more than $10+/month.

However, it’s when you combine this with additional fees that your prices start to snowball.

Some of the premium hosts we’ve reviewed incorporate extra security or backups within their basic plan. iPage keeps their main plan cheap by excluding these features, and instead of having a person pay more for them if you would like them.

This à la carte pricing is ideal for people who don’t want everything extra stuff. But it’s not for individuals who hate being nickel and dimed.

So this is a list of the different add-on costs.

iPage offers SiteLock support on the plans to help scan for malware and stop your site from being hacked. Pricing starts at one more $1. 99/month for 36 months for that basic automated offering. They also provide more comprehensive plans that improve in price to $24. 99/mo (billed from $899. 64 for the 3 years).

Backups can be either daily or many times a day. These are helpful to simply keep a record of past versions of the site when changes are created. Or, if your site had been ever hacked, you can move back to previous ‘clean’ versions.

The fundamental backup service is $1. 14/month for 3 years ($40. 78) for one web site, database, and daily backups. The larger plan, for unlimited websites, directories, and up to five backups every day, is priced at $2. 09/mo (or $75. 35).

After that, there’s also the migration cost…

2. No Free Site Migrations

The majority of the 30 web hosts we’ve reviewed will move a current site to their servers free of charge. This is especially nice if you’re not really a technical person and don’t want to waste time trying to puzzle out how to move site documents, re-point your domain, and much more.

iPage, however, does not provide any free site migrations. Rather, they will only move a website for a $150 one-time charge. That’s on the high aspect, compared to other hosts. Bluehost, for instance, will charge you $150 but they’ll progress to five sites for that certain price.

3. No cPanel (vDeck) ipage review

Most web hosts use cPanel like a dashboard of sorts. It’s the standard, and if you utilize it in one place, you’ll know wherever everything is when you log involved with it in another place.

iPage doesn’t make use of cPanel, going instead with an alternative solution called vDeck, which is less than as robust as cPanel.

For novices, this isn’t always that big of the deal. It’s usually more of an issue for those who are used to working on a single uniform platform. It can seem like a waste of your time to learn a new platform and how you can efficiently use it if you have already mastered that on an additional platform.

So this is not really a huge deal if you haven’t utilized either cPanel or vDeck prior to. However, it could be a problem if you’re a cPanel devotee.

4. It’s Not Really “Unlimited” (Better with regard to Smaller Sites)

Most of the features listed on iPage’s hosting that is shared plan are “unlimited. ”

Obviously, nothing is truly “unlimited” nowadays. The same holds true right here, too.

But first, some great news:

There are no ‘overage’ fees for using lots of resources like disk space, assuming you’re utilizing it correctly within iPage’s terms.

Nevertheless, there are a few resource limits to bear in mind. Accounts with tons of documents or large databases aren’t an excellent fit, because they can start to affect other users on a single server. This means that iPage reserves the best to shut your account lower.

Now, we’re assuming they would give you some type of heads up before just shutting your website down. But their terms do state that they’ll do so “without notice. ” So just keep that in your mind.

Most users with smaller sites have nothing to be worried about. If your site starts to obtain really big, you might have to start looking for other web hosting alternatives like managed hosting, VPS, or even dedicated servers.

5. No Lengthier Green

This last con is actually pretty minor, but still worth mentioning should you care about the environmental effect of the companies you work with.

When we first reviewed the actual iPage, they ran on 100% blowing wind power and were even partners using the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Eco-friendly program.

Some hosts aren’t operating 100% on renewable energy, but decide to help offset the carbon footprint of the servers. So we went to re-confirm this by visiting their own Green Certificated page and… it no more exists.

Wikipedia already confirmed which “as of December 2018, the page may be removed and does not can be found anymore, and iPage does not come in the EPA list of eco-friendly power partners. ” So in the event that true, we’re assuming that they may be switching back to help counteract costs.

iPage review Pricing, Hosting Programs & Quick Facts

ipage review

Here’s a fast overview of the hosting plans provided by iPage:

Shared Hosting: iPage just includes a single shared hosting plan which starts at $1. 99/month for 3 years. It comes with unlimited drive space, bandwidth, and MySQL directories. You also get a website name the first year for free of charge, plus an SSL certificate and current email address.

WordPress Hosting: They have 2 main WordPress hosting plans:

WP Beginner: This plan costs $3. 75 monthly. It comes with a free website name for a year, unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, customized control solar panel, and pre-installed themes and plug ins.
WP Essential: This plan expenses $6. 95 per month. It offers everything in the Starter choice, plus WordPress expert support, automated malware removal, and SiteLock expert security.

Free domain? Yes.
Easy Signup: Fairly easy sign-up procedure.
Payment Methods: Credit Card, PayPal.
Concealed Fees and Clauses: Accounts by having an inode count measurement over two hundred, 000, over 1000+ database tables or even more than 3GB total MySQL/PostgreSQL / 2GB MySQL/PostgreSQL usage may be terminated with zero notice.
Upsells: Plenty of upsells.
Account Activation: Quick service.
Control Panel and Dashboard Encounter: Easy-to-use vDeck control Panel.
Installing of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, and so on. ): Easy installation of well-liked apps and CMSs via their own control panel

Do We Suggest iPage?

Yes, we recommend iPage. But there can be better options available.

There’s a great deal to like about iPage. You will get good uptime and speed (read: solid reliability) in a very cheap cost.

However, there have been a few mixed performances, as well. Customer support was helpful; nevertheless, also a little slow. The core plans have great features but don’t come most abundant in ‘extra’ options.

So even although we’d recommend iPage overall, they’re less budget-friendly, stable or as fast as other available choices like Bluehost or HostGator Impair.

Visit www.ipage.com

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